2018 has all been about casino gaming quality – with new software upgrades from many of the leading online casino software houses like Microgaming and Playtech. From super slick tables and ultra-real 3D gamescapes to super realistic slot machines, the web continues to expand and improve on its realism. Enhanced video slots have been a real casino winner in 2008 – with games like Tombraider Secret of the Sword pushing the new software to its limits, and delivering cool interactivity and graphics that resemble console games! What’s more, the best slot games are playable in multi-gaming slot environments – for a true chance to prove yourself as a gaming master and play for guaranteed winnings!

Jackpot levels soar!

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The latest casino jackpots have really spun online casinos into the higher echelons of the whole gaming world – with a record breaking number of 1 million dollar plus payouts being struck during 2018. What’s more, there’s still 2 months of 2018 left! In fact, software companies such as Microgaming have delivered jackpot levels over $4 million on jackpot slot machines! If you’re idea of fun is playing fun games that could end up delivering life changing luck, then Las Vegas is no longer the number one options – it’s the web! Many casinos now even offer jackpot casino gaming via your mobile phone!

Budget gaming options & bonuses

Unfortunately, the cost of leisure has shot up in 2018 – but that hasn’t been the case in the online casino world, where you can still play some games from just 0.01, and almost all games from 0.10 per round. In addition, the best casinos continue to offer exceptional sign-up bonuses – with hundreds in free chips and deposit rewards. Essentially, you can test out real money casino games literally risk free, and then play for hours per week on a very modest casino budget. In a recent web survey, online casino gaming was voted above video gaming for value for money leisure!

Verified payouts & regulation

One big step forward for online casinos in 2018 has been their ‘up-regulation’ – meaning it’s now easy to find high quality casino games that are backed by companies that are fully-regulated by gaming bodies and deliver independently verified payouts! You never have to worry about losing money through bad transactions or scam casinos – those days are long gone and all big name online casinos are guaranteed to be fair and filled with regular jackpots and 95% plus payouts.