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The purpose of this page is for visitors to this website to see what 3rd party world citizens are saying about the relevance of the WOA vision for women and Africa. It is time Africans unite to end the backwardness of our dear Mother Africa. Diaspora Africans have a major role and the African Governments have a responsibility to effectively support this vision.

The following are extracts

“…UN Women shares your belief that civil society is well placed to contribute to finding lasting solutions to the multiple challenges women face around the globe. Furthering civil society participation in governance, conflict resolution, peace building and development overall is a cornerstone of UN Women’s work. …”

“We applaud you for your efforts to unify the contributions of Africa’s civil society for greater impact and encourage you to continue working to foster the women’s agenda… “September 2013

“I met a living Legend” An African male 2013

Delta civil society woman 2003
“Dear mama you are the Messiah

…Completely buy your idea and ambition particularly as it affects the women in Delta State. I am grateful to God for planting these noble ideas in your Heart. I know you’re the messiah the Delta women have been waiting for”.

Mr. Tim Huish (A German 2003)
“I met a Saint. It was a profound experience to share a coach seat with you. I am sure Heavenly Father has a purpose behind these ‘chance’ meeting so I hope we will keep in contact..May God protect you always and your mission”
German man 2003

• Islblack Iwegbue (Niger Delta civil society member) Message on his Face book page on 3rd Nov. 2012
“C.E.O & Founder of Women Of Africa. “Kudos to this energetic and Iconic Jewel of Africa in her continuous endeavour to defend and campaign for the rights of her people. Your Doggedness is highly admired Ma”.

The African Times wrote in 2003 under the Caption “Alice Ukoko is an inspiration to all Africans”
“Alice Ukoko is an example to us all regardless of what community we belong to, as her message is universal… So great is her individual success and the dedication of her team, she is regularly invited to high profile conferences as guest speaker on a variety of issues that affect both men and women alike ranging from development issues to the pragmatism involved in creating a stronger social fabric… From the core (grassroots) she has proved you

Women Of Africa: UK based and registered charity number 1056329/ 3rd Party Testimony

can take an issue all the way to the top. She is just one example that it REALLY is time for women’s voices to be heard

Mr. David Smith Founder/Chairman: British African Business Alliance (BABA) March 2012
“This is an initiative that will bring about Africa’s recovery in the 21st Century and as such, Governments and the global world should embrace this opportunity being presented by the African women…in our Lifetime…“

Mr. David Smith wrote further on 14.11.13
“Dear Alice I remain awed by the power of your commitment to your beliefs and the actions

that you take in support of them.

By all means share your ideas for the pre-congress event I would like to consider that and, to discuss the framework for a partnership ….”

Suzannah Barker (BABA Volunteer)
“How come nobody thought of this Congress before? Alice Ukoko deserves the Nobel peace prize….I look forward to witnessing the birth of a new dawn for Africa”.

Mr. William SO (Chinese ex-diplomat and Businessman with interest in Africa)
“Dear Alice

Alice it seems that we do have a common view on many world affairs and I praise your efforts for helping African women (and men) to gain your well – deserved position in the changing world”.

Miss Maja Drca (Institute of African Studies, Ljubjana – Slovenia March 2012 (Now Stagiaire at European Commission – Cabinet of Commissioner Protocnik (ENV)

“Your words encouraged and engaged us all in our further work, which is also the reason for sending you this email. With it our organization would like to invite you to deliver an address at our conference “Education for social justice” in our beautiful city of Bled – Slovenia in April 2012….”

Worldwide Whos Who recognizes Alice Ukoko for empowering African women and for excellence in humanitarian outreach. Professional of the Year 2012 – 2013:
http://www.24- 7pressrelease.com/press-release/alice-ukoko-recognized-by-worldwde-whos-who-for- excellence-in-humanitarian-outreach-267165.php


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