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Women Of Africa (WOA) was founded in September 1994 to provide a platform for African women to lobby and engage in the political efforts to return Nigeria to civil rule. This was effectively achieved in May 1999 after extensive campaigning and lobbying of foreign governments world wide.

In June 1997, WOA attended the 33rd Summit of the defunct Organization of African Unity which held in Harare Zimbabwe to lobby African governments and other world governments, the Press and the many NGOs who attended the OAU summit.

WOA had the opportunity to address the people of Zimbabwe in a television interview aired on “Good Morning Zimbabwe” programme in June 1997.

WOA embarked on the lobbying of world governments through their Embassies and High Commissions present in Harare to solicit their support for African women in realizing the African dream in Nigeria.

WOA had the opportunity of addressing the Press briefing of Mrs. Ruth Perry who was the African woman at the helm of affairs in Liberia to sustain peace for a democratic elections to take place in that country.

WOA led a delegation to address the Commonwealth Ministerial Action Group (CMAG) in London on 11th July 1997 on behalf of Nigeria’s civil society and the women in particular following Nigeria’s suspension from the Commonwealth of Nations (1995 to 1999).

WOA continued to provide a platform for the African women in the UK through one to one support to empower parents to better engage with the UK systems in furtherance of their children’s education for: When in Rome you do as the Romans as the saying goes.

WOA’s contribution to “Make Poverty History In Africa Campaign” and Tony Blair’s Commission for Africa (Britain)

On 6th July 2005, WOA organized and convened a parallel African conference with that year’s G8 Summit which held in Gleneagles. The aim was to provide an opportunity for Africans to discuss Africa in the light of that year’s campaign by world governments and civil society to address the problem of poverty in Africa.

Africans were then able to discuss the place of Aid, Trade and foreign debts which were the concept being discussed by the G8 Summit.

African Conference Parallel to the G8 Summit that Held in Gleneagle: Scotland on July 6 2005.

By organizing and delivering this parallel African conference, Africans who congregated in Edinburgh from all over Africa were able to make their contributions to the discussions of poverty in Africa from the point of view of Africans themselves. It was a matter of what do Africans themselves think? Is it


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