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African Women’s Convention & Commission (AWCOM): Transforming Gender for Africa’s Reformation



African women are aware that the liberation of Africa is the sole responsibility of Africans. Our failure to act to liberate ourselves in a rapidly changing global world has left our Continent open to reckless exploitation of our natural resources and abuse by others who are acting to improve the lives of their own citizens.


The Vision of the Commission:

Are structured and empowered women able to stand as a unified voice for Africa’s civil societies within Africa and on the international stage.

Our Aim of the women’s Convention is to bring representatives of women from the across the African Continent and Diaspora together in a peaceful African country consider the problems which continues to hold Africa back in the league of world nations. In particular as women we are better placed to consider what we lack and need for the security of ourselves and our families.

At the Convention:

African women hope to make important decisions that would propel Africa forward to meet modern day political and socio-economic conditions. We will decide on how best to stand shoulder to shoulder with our counterpart in the rest of the world as equals and not (subjects or projects) for world Governments and international NGOs.


At the Convention:

African women hope to create and launch the African Women’s Commission (AWCOM) to represent the combine voices for African women with international status.


Hosting African Country:

WOA is working on securing the partnership of a Southern African country that is able to provide a peaceful environment for the historical Convention to hold.


The General Assembly:

The Structure of the AWCOM would be such that ultimate authority resides with African women as represented at the Assembly every year to consider the functioning and decide policy decisions made on their behalf.

The Presidency of AWCOM would rotate between countries as elected by the country’s women every year prior to the General Assembly.

The Regional Presidency would work within the regions of Africa in order to decentralise the workings of AWCOM to meet the necessity of our challenge.

Country Presidency would work within each country to entrench and direct the development of AWCOM appropriately.


Each Presidency would be supported by other members of an Executive arm and activities such the Secretary General, Secretary General Finance etc.

Administrative Organs & Projects:

To ensure effectiveness of the women’s intervention, AWCOM would work institute functions and projects sections covering different and appropriate areas:


1. Democracy, Good Governance and Transparency (DGGT):

This function would bring together experts to ensure that AWCOM is able to contribute to Africa’s democratisation, good governance and transparency as a way forward. Lobby African governments for create and improve opportunity for women to contribute to political and policy decision making towards achieving a sustainable political and socio-economic progress for Africa.


2. Policy Monitoring Group (PMG):

This function would bring together experts to inform AWCOM to contribute effectively to the policies at home and abroad. And to ensure that once agreed, every policy is implemented.

3. Health and Harmful Traditional Practices Monitoring

    This would represent a very important aspect of AWCOM’S work given the poor level of health provision in most African countries today and the continuing harmful traditional practices such as female circumcision.

4. International Instrument Monitoring (IIM):

The aim of this function is to ensure that international instruments such as: UN Millennium Goals amongst others are implemented to meet the commitment signed for by African Governments and for the benefit of Africans, this organ would function to ensure that all IIFs are acted upon and duly evaluated.

5. Research Function (RF):

This function would be widely used to highlight and inform on the many issues that are the concerns of African women. The women’s research function would inform on the impact of policies and other functions in furtherance of our vision for Africa now and in the future.

6. Communications:

To facilitate and promote effective communication with and engage African women to transform gender for Africa’s reformation, it is necessary to establish

  1. African women’s Radio


7. Public Relations and Fund raising

    Professionals would be run this function.

Trustees/Focus Group:

Women Of Africa is currently attracting and inviting African women to substance to implement this programme. To be supported by a Focus Group drawn from across the voluntary sector worldwide.

Signed Alice Ukoko:  Founder/CEO Women Of Africa.  28th April 2010


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