Blackjack Strategies for Everyone! |

Blackjack novice or hardcore pro – there are classic ways to enjoy the game or play for profit if you’re an advanced gamer. Check out the novice, intermediate and pro level techniques for smashing the dealer (or at least stopping them taking advantage of you!).

Most blackjack novices or very recreational gamers play with zero blackjack strategy – they simply ‘use their logic, luck and instinct’ to try and form winning hands. Now, in essence this makes sense, but it is exactly the way to ensure the house edge affects your results! Instead, even if you aspire to nothing more than fun – use the rules below for a little more power, and a smaller dealer advantage:

  • Hit until your combo is 17+ or soft 18, and the casino 7>
  • If the game’s up-card is 6<, hit until your have 12+
  • Double-bet if you have 10 or 11 against dealer 9<
  • Split 8’s and aces

Advanced blackjack strategy

The next level-up from very basic blackjack strategy, is famously known as ‘Basic Blackjack Strategy’. In effect, blackjack is a science, and that means it can be played with specific rules to get more of a statistical advantage. How much advantage? Well, not enough to truly say you have an edge over the blackjack dealer, but enough to game with a disadvantage of as little as 0.5% – and that means more frequent winning hands and less chance of losing! Basic blackjack strategy is available on strategy sheets, so print one off the web and get gaming.

Card counting

Ideally – you’ll be able to one day advance to learning and using the concept of blackjack card counting; scoring the pack to find a real edge, and then betting with accuracy to make it pay. An example of card counting, the Hi-Lo system scores blackjack card with the following values:

  • Aces and 10 point cards = -1
  • Cards 7, 8 and 9 = 0
  • 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 = +1

When the blackjack count is high (such as +5) – the edge is with the gamer due to the high rich pack. The opposite is true when the score is negative. There are many books written about blackjack card counting, and they’re well worth reading if you’re serious about blackjack and beating the house in the long-term.

Which ever style of blackjack suits your desires and current blackjack skill level – there are several universal tips that can help you maximize your chances of success and minimize the effects of volatile gaming sessions.

  • Stake like a pro Blackjack systems will only work if you use a level credit size – otherwise the game’s volatility will make them worthless.
  • Play consistently Strategy-play will respond best when used over a high volume of blackjack rounds.
  • Snowball your bankroll If you get regular success – play blackjack with compounded bets; for example, stake 2% of your bankroll on each round, re-calculating your bet value at the start of each new blackjack session.