Harold Smith. A Tribute.

Harold Smith is a household name to Africans and Nigerians in particular who are conversant with Nigeria’s history. Many know that Britain created Nigeria in 1914 and was her colonial master up to 1960 when political independence was granted to Nigeria in her present form.

But many are unaware of the role that Britain played on the run up to independence. Harold Smith worked in Nigeria to prepare the country for her political independence and became aware of the unhelpful way that the British colonial office handled the country’s independence elections.

In the lifelong campaign that followed, Mrs. Caroline Smith worked with Harold Smith to bring to the attention of British politicians and Nigerians whose political and socio-economic future was to be affected by the poor political foundation that was left by the British in 1960. His story was published widely in magazines and newspapers to inform Nigerians of the dangers ahead.

Harold Smith was acknowledged by many Nigerians who became aware of his golden heart and love of Nigerians and Humanity. He wanted his own government (the British) to correct the wrongs of the past against the people of Nigeria who continue to suffer the ills created by the role of Britain in their suffering of almost one hundred years now. (1914 – 2014)

Harold Smith knew he had critics, people who felt uncomfortable by his cause and his interpretation of what he knew. But the memory of this man with a golden heart will always be a testimony for Nigerians who continue to feel that the engagement of the British Empire was detrimental to their ability to develop beyond the ceiling placed on their own existence.

Harold Smith passed in January 2011 after a life of campaigning for humanity in Nigeria, but his widow Mrs. Caroline Smith continues to support the work of Women Of Africa as a way of foreclosing the work that Harold devoted his life to.

It is therefore with great pride and a sense of duty that Women Of Africa continue to campaign and lobby to raise the profile of African women for international recognition; being the positive way of ending the enslavement of a continent that is so rich and yet so poor as a result of external interruption of our developmental process.

Whether Nigeria will survive the back breaking corruption and failings to protect their country remains to be seen, but whatever happens, our efforts will continue to be as a tribute to the greatest couple that we know: Harold and Caroline Smith.

Signed: Alice Ukoko
22nd Dec, 2012


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