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The purpose of this feature in this website is to emphasize the impact of supporting Africa’s children through African women. Why you should support Africa’s children through your support for African women.

Africa is the cradle of creation as the family is the bedrock of Africa

Mothers nurture Africa’s future generations

Investing in the WOA vision for Africa is effectively investing in Africa’s children for sustainable development of Africa and world peace


In realisation of their human rights and aspiration

To coincide with the United Nations’ Millennium Development Goals African women will hold a 3 – day Congress in an African country to be confirmed

TO: –

1. Discuss Africa’s developmental challenges and sustainable solutions

2. Launch the African Women’s International Leadership Mentoring Commission for unified & Sustainable voices

3. Launch Project Africa Direct to link investors and Africa Diaspora with grass roots Africa for developmental impact

4. Launch “Investors in Africa Quality Standard Award” to encourage and give back to Investors in Africa’s sustainable development

By African tradition, mothers invest their ALL into their children as a way of investing in their old age and future good life. Thus, the failings of African women translate to the failings of their children and hence their future.

Donate to support this vision for African women please

Through the creation of the unified voice for African women, women will be able to end poverty and violence in Africa through the following instruments and actions: –

For the first time in Africa’s history, women and civil society will become better organised to contribute effectively to efforts to develop their Continent.

There can never be sustainable development anywhere in the world without the active engagement of civil society.

No government working in isolation can bring about sustainable economic, socio-political development without contributions of citizens beyond the election of political office holders.

Women Of Africa: Charity based and registered in the UK Reg. Number is: 105329

Our children need the political environment in which to engage positively in the developmental process in each African country and hence their Continent. African mothers are anxious to support African governments in creating the enabling environment for development to take place.

Young Africans are escaping from their Continent to seek opportunities outside,

• Many are dying along the way trying to get to the lands of their hope; this need to change. There should be opportunity for Africans in Africa.

The WOA vision achieved with your support would ensure that opportunity is created in Africa for Africans and those who want to contribute Africa’s growth.

International trafficking is inhumane and an international crime

Improved access to education and creation of opportunity within Africa would discourage young Africans from becoming victims to traffickers.

Women working with African Governments will create positive environments necessary to end Africa’s backwardness and young Africans becoming victims.


Please donate to support Africa’s children

This website contains in-depth information about most aspects of our the work that is being done to bring about the desired restoration of Africa’s dignity and survival to international standard

If the information you require is not yet available to you in the website kindly send us an email at or, stating your enquiry and we will be able to provide clarification within reasonable time

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