Aug. 16, 2013

Massacre In Egypt

The massacre unfolding in Egypt is deeply painful to behold and a reminder of the tragedy trailing a failure of a world order that has outlived its humanity.

African women worldwide condemn the massacre of Egyptians by the Egyptian Security forces supported by fellow Egyptians in political offices. Our bleeding hearts are with the families of the victims and the people of Egypt. We are calling on the international community and world Governments to act promptly to end this massacre and destruction of humanity and democracy in Egypt.

The termination of democracy in Egypt represents a breakdown of efforts by world governments to implant political ideologies on developing Africa and the rest of the so-called third world countries. The slaughter of women and their families unfolding in Egypt is a crime against humanity, democracy and human rights that should be condemned by every Government.

The actions of the Egyptian Security Forces are reminiscent of governments using armed forces across Africa and other parts of the developing world. African women call on the international community to condemn the blatant terrorism against democracy, human rights and sanctity of life in Egypt. No government should be allowed to kill its own citizens regardless. The Egyptian revolution of 2011 that produced the first democratic process should have been protected and allowed to evolve.

African women stand with the women of Egypt and their families without religious sentiment.

We call on the International Criminal Court to take urgent action to bring the Egyptian Security forces and its civilian terror perpetrators to justice. Egypt belongs to every Egyptian equally irrespective of religious affiliation. It is clear that the only viable Road-map to PEACE in Egypt now is the ability of the world to bring the killers of Egyptians to Justice. African women call on the United Nations and other world governments to condemn the termination of Egypt’s democratic process and the terrorism aimed at silencing Egyptian women and their families.

If Africa is to democratise successfully, the rights of Africans to choose their leaders as they deem fit must be respected and protected without fear or favour. Democracy is never pure at its onset. Democracy is a process that must be worked on and not achieved by force.


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