Of course, the first advantage, consisting in colleagues online casino offers a bonus to increase your gambling budget, usually in an amount equivalent to 100% to your first deposit.

If you have made a search through various websites for online casinos, you will notice que all pay special attention to the casino bonus or bonus track. There are several types of bonuses, but the purpose for you must be the best one will que increase the gambling budget que suits you. Provalvelment all online casino bonuses presented on this site fall on this category. It is that you get a bonus by signing up for a real casino account and activating at the first deposit.

In general, the casino places an amount for your first deposit up to the limit and at a certain percentage of the amount of your deposit, usually 100%. Some casinos offer another 50%, others go to 200%, but overall the most popular casinos are up to 100% or 50% because most reputable casinos feel the need to raise the much smaller casinos or new casinos.

Most casino presents a welcome bonus que not only focus on your first deposit but different instances or months. This ensures bonuses and more long-term since players not only want a bonus on first deposit bonus, but one can be used over time according to their gambling budget.

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Loyalty Bonuses and Offers

The loyalty bonus is another type of bonus que seeks to compensate those players who are already members of the casino. It is not uncommon for a player who has completed several months after the welcome bonus already entitles to more prizes loyalty. The online casino search thus compensates the player que enjoyed the welcome bonus from beginning to end. The refill or reload bonuses are also a common type of que seeking to promote player loyalty. Others are marketed on a weekly basis and grow exponentially with special holidays.

VIP bonuses

VIP bonus is used above all for high rollers, and is actually more rewarding in kroner and ear.

Loose Bonus

If you do not know what it means to claim the bonus, basically, que online casinos do not want you to be privileged with bonuses and then show off your money. It would be simply catastrophic to the casino. Fortunately, these requirements are kept at a very well known reasonable level. If you need to think about the availing bonus to play online slots then that should not be a big hurdle for you.

Advantages of Online Slots

The operation behind the electronic slot machine is exactly like the system of a slot machine in the physical casino. Both systems are controlled by computer-controlled algorithm known as Random Number Generator (RNG), which creates random combinations of symbols. But there is a greater diversity and variety of online games and the value of games may be lower than in land based casinos.

Free slots

Do you see the machines in land based casino before playing for real money? The online casinos offer you the opportunity to play for free in all casino games. You only need to create a free account at the casino. You can try out games to see those who really like yourself before you risk your money.

When you play slots in a land based casino, everyone can see how to play what you earn, especially if you’re lucky, it’s the typical “shadow” that matches all players behind the chair to see how you play or wait for you to complete the game. When you play online, how much you earn and how much you play is only known to you and the casino.

Competition between Online Casinos and Slots

The competition between online casinos is hard, since there is monopoly on casinos online, all casinos have to fight each other and give much more to the player you in the honor of becoming their player. So, it’s common for casinos to offer generous bonuses to captivate the player, to have a theoretical return lower than the vast majority of land based casinos and still being forced to evolve in the quality of casino games.

Slots are available 24 hours a day.

Online casinos support always works for 24 hours. No need to wait to play your favorite online slots game, you can play whenever you want as long as you want – without traveling expenses or spending expensive drinks.


The big casinos have millions of players playing in their tracks, and many of them have the same que tracks associated with progressive jackpots. So, the progressive jackpots on slot machines usually drive into millions. There have been players who have won more than 5 million … Of course, not everyone will win the progressive jackpot players, but if you want to play slots with the same likelihood of winning you would prefer to play slots, whose main prize is one hundred thousand euros or 2 million?

Best Casino to Play Blackjack Online?

Professional players are always looking for simple deck games because the smaller the number of tires, the lower the house edge. The dealer makes a 0.5% advantage in a multi-deck game.

Based on the entertainment quality of the blackjack game, as well as different formats of game with rules, you offer the best margins possible return to the player, through multi-hand games, with live dealers below we have listed the best casinos to play blackjack.

+ Recommended:

Fantastic blackjack game, multilevel tire and multi-hand, and many other innovative options, including Atlantic City.

Not only offers all options, it also offers new players a bonus of 100% of the deposit (see terms and conditions on the website.)

As a brand, this site has won several awards and has an excellent reputation for fair play.

Other criteria for selecting Casinos

Our current list only the absolute best and most popular casinos, so although the casino on our list has a low rating, que remember it’s still above average casino out there.

It is also important to know the long and the popularity of the casino. The age and popularity of the casino Ensures que if you win the jackpot casino has the capacity to pay. Of course this is a very important factor.

Most of the casinos listed on our back shows the percentage of monthly site is certified and is reviewed by one of the top five independent accountant companies in the online gambling industry.

Having said that our ranking is based on criteria such as:

  1. Licensed and Certified Fair Gaming
  2. Customer
  3. Time of payment
  4. Quality Gameplay and Games (Audio and Graphics)
  5. Popularity

The significance of each criterion in the analysis of online casinos is according to their order of the presentation, colleagues are licensed and certified in fair play, it is extremely important and more valuable in terms of customer support, but all the casinos listed here score high on all these points. Our strict classification system has filtered in October about 524 casinos que simple than ours did not pass “stress” tests.