How do I deposit using Neteller |

Neteller is the payment option that Hollywood Poker recommends. Neteller provides players with several methods to fund their neteller account and provides them with a neteller debit card they can use to access funds from ATM machines worldwide.

The instacash feature of a neteller account allows North American customers to directly fund their Hollywood Poker account from their bank account. This is a fast and completely secure option for those whose credit-card transactions to neteller are declined.

This guide show you how to sign up for a new neteller account. It also shows you how to enable the instacash feature so as to fund your Hollywood Poker account within minutes — all completely free of charge!

The landing page for neteller looks like the one below. This is also the login page for existing account holders. Simply click on the open account link on the right side of the screen to sign up for a new account.

STEP 2 : Initial Signup details

Enter your personal details – be sure to use the same email address at neteller as you do at Hollywood Poker, and click on the Continue button to go to the next step.

STEP 3 : Password and Security Question

Enter a password for your neteller account and a question whose answer will remind you what your password is. (This is for security purposes.) You must also agree to NETELLER’s terms and conditions. Please read them!

STEP 4 : Verify your email address

Check the email address you’ve just registered for the response from NETELLER. You’ll have a chance to enter a new email address if you mistyped it at the previous stage.

STEP 5 : Verify your password

Re-enter the same password you chose in Step 2.

STEP 6 : Enter your personal details

Enter your name and the other details requested on the form. You must enter a valid telephone number during this process. If it’s not valid, your registration won’t go through.

STEP 7 : Verification and personal selection

Confirm your sex, date of birth and choose the type of currency you’d like to use with your neteller account.

STEP 8 : Completion and confirmation

Your new neteller account is open and ready to be used. Now it’s time to choose a method of funding your account. Instacash is the most popular and convenient option for North American customers whose credit-card company will not fund an online gaming account.

STEP 9 : Choosing a Deposit Option

There are several deposit options available to you. This guide illustrates the instacash option available to US and Canadian clients. For those customers who wish to transfer funds free of charge from their bank account to their neteller account, the Online Check (EFT) option is advisable. Credit-card deposits to a neteller account are likely to fail since they are also classified as an online gaming site.

STEP 10 : instacash registration

At this stage, neteller will try to verify the phone number you registered. If they’re unable to do this, you’ll have another chance to try again. Once the verification is successful, you’ll go to the next step. (You’re almost done!)

STEP 11 : Identity Verification Questions

Enter your checking account details as shown below.

STEP 12 : Register your Checking Account

Complete the process by filling in the details as requested.

STEP 13 – Deposit funds at Hollywood Poker

Now that you’ve enabled instacash, you can return to the Hollywood Poker site to deposit your funds completely free of charge! We repeat: go to Hollywood Poker and make your deposit there! If you use the instacash option to fund your neteller account, you’ll be charged an (8.9 transaction fee, and Hollywood Poker will not reimburse you this amount.

Enter your account details as highlighted on the screen and click on Make instacash transfer.

The Bank Account number is the same as the last four digits of the checking account you’ve just registered.

Congratulations! You’ve just transferred money to your Hollywood Poker account!

If it’s hard for you to read all this information, here is a short video: