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1. Warri Delta State of Nigeria
2. Child trafficking and the African community
3. Trafficking children
4. Nigerian drug mules ‘on the rise’
5. How to End Nigeria’s Fraudulent Electoral System, by Women of Afrika
6. Africa needs its stolen money, not aid, says activist
7. Ivory Coast French Version 24.01.2011
8. Crisis in Ivory Coast
9. Crisis in Ivory Coast in french version
10. Alice Ukoko’s Political Interview
11. Women Of Africa on the women’s rights to engage in conflict resolution
12. Nigeria to be or not to be Alice Ukoko


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Apr 22, 2015

Women in Africa – #endsexualviolence #endpoverty

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Dec 03, 2013

News & Announcements – coming soon

The purpose of this feature in the website is to ...

Aug 16, 2013

Massacre In Egypt

The massacre unfolding in Egypt is deeply painful to behold ...

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