TJ Cloutier has been playing poker since Franklin D. Roosevelt introduced the New Deal, and although damn good living out of it, with first place finishes in various tournaments than any other player. You often see the name of TJ establishes additional live younger players, Internet-trained competitive tournaments.

This is not the first poker book TJ. He co-wrote one of the first poker tournament books with Tom McEvoy, just before the poker and the WPT television in a new direction. This book has failed miserably in providing specific strategies tournament. Instead, it was more like self-promotion, two professionals who seemed to have won in the past, but it is retained or not able to explain complex ideas in simple language.

Poker Book Review: How to Win the Championship by TJ Cloutier |

Ironically, fluent in English TJ exactly the problem with this new book. The price of a single new book and John Vorhaus Killer Poker (line 2), write TJ has really tested my patience. It was like taking a taste sensation caused French Cabernet, soft, warm American light beer.

It seems that was not the only player, TJ’s first book, which was low in the strategy because TJ responds to this concern to the forefront of this new book designed. Describe the research to him to ask for more information. Well, I thought maybe we can get some juice here, but TJ devotes an entire chapter to the article more easily, but with stress, you have to play good solid poker. Have you learned nothing? The rest of the book is terribly humiliating. Probably I’d rather read a little self-hype Hellmuth prose.

This book aims to help achieve the final table and play to win at the final table. Get Directions, see above, as well as solid poker. All that is deeper than what is not found in this book. Also, if you take the final table to explain instead of getting a good strategy TJ “analysis”, which was a final table of the 2005 WSOP $ 5,000. One hand, he had won, he was back, happiness and tried his argument by saying that you have to take a chance once in a while to explain. Brilliant! And so the hand analysis go, please, let the expert, Dan Harrington.

If you do not like a book, some of these profound subtitles can be read.

Always keep a positive attitude.

Customize the style of your opponents to play.

Always make sure that their decisions.

Plan carefully if you have an average stack.

Hey TJ, thanks for coming.

That is exactly it. Some poker professionals and publishers take the boom times as a way to benefit newcomers to the game seeking to improve their game. I’m not saying that publishers should not opportunistic. It is fair game in the poker industry. That’s their job. It’s my job, but warn that grab pure species, and this is one of them. If you want to learn poker tournament see Dan Harrington, John Vorhaus and Phil Gordon.