Blackjack offers gamers the slickest strategic gaming platform – so check out how to go from novice to intermediate gamer as smoothly as a hot shot Vegas gamer, and limit the house edge to give yourself better winning prospects.

Simple Strategies For To Beat The Blackjack Dealer |

If you’re a total novice when it comes to blackjack or strategic gaming, then it makes sense to start off at the most basic level. The four tips below will help you to get used to playing with discipline and strategy, and can have a slightly favorable effect on your blackjack results. Blackjack pro you won’t be – but you’ll still have significantly more power and play against less dealer advantage than the average no-strategy blackjack gamer on the web.

  • Hit until you hold 17+ or soft 18, and the dealer’s score is 7 or more
  • If the dealer up-card is 6 or below, hit until your hand score is 12 or more
  • Double-down if you score 10 or 11 and the casino has a 9 or below
  • Split aces and 8’s and no other pairs

Simple basic blackjack strategy

Building you blackjack skill level is in essence all down to experience – and having the desire to gradually add complexity to your gaming. For example, once you’re comfortable applying the four classic blackjack rules above, you can progress to extending your strategy-play with the more detailed tips below. When applied correctly, you can potentially limit the dealer to a blackjack edge of 1.5% or lower, which is no mean feat; essentially meaning you have a fair chance of hitting profitable sessions on a regular basis, assuming you find runs of decent luck.

Stand and Hit

  • stand on 17 or higher
  • hit on 12-16 when the casino’s up card is 7 or greater
  • hit on 8 or lower


  • double down on 11 – except against the house’s Ace
  • double down on 10 when the dealer shows 9 or less
  • double down on 9 when the dealer shows 6 or less

Soft Hands

  • stand on soft 19 and soft 20
  • double down on soft 13-18 if the casino has 4,5, or 6


  • split aces and 8’s.
  • Do not split 10 and face cards and do not split 5’s
  • split 3’s and 2’s if the dealer holds 4,5,6, or 7

Full basic blackjack strategy

If you develop the confidence and precision to start getting more success with the basic strategy tips, then take your gaming to the next level by printing off a genuine, full blackjack strategy chart (just search the web and you’re sure to find some). Although there are a greater number of rules to keep an eye on and apply – you’ll soon be gaming like an intermediate or advanced gamer. And, assuming you become a hot shot strategy player who can apply the strategies and limit the house edge to 0.5% – blackjack card counting could be your long-term aspiration – and a route to serious blackjack success.