Slot machines go hot and cold – and it’s really all down to factors that aren’t really in your control, one little bit. However, there are still several trains of thought when it comes to exactly what makes a slot game hot and cold.

Could it really be true that some slot games are unlucky, while other games are almost guaranteed to pay out over the average? Well, according to the Andrucci mathematical concept, yes – this ‘could’ be the reality! Now, in essence the fate of your slot spins are decided by a random number generator (the piece of slot software linked to each machine). When you click the button, the RNG is stopped on a random number, that links to a specific slot icon. (for example, 22234, 73543, 33333, 435843 may = Cherry, Cherry, 777, BAR). Each icon links into millions of numbers, creating a totally randomized environment of chaos, every time you spin. However, Andreucci suggests that patterns of order can be frequently found among chaotic environments such as slot machines – patterns that can become locked-in for long periods of time. Some analysts therefore suggest that slot machines can get locked in to periods of winning and losing! Is it true? Who knows for sure and it’s very debatable – but it’s 100% true that some games seem to pay out while other are hot!

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Does your click matter?

If slot machines are pure luck – then surely it doesn’t really matter when you click the spin button. However, wait a minute – because if slot games are powered and influenced heavily by RNG technology, then a split second can make the difference between hitting a million dollar slot jackpot and a dud spin! Arrrgh – yes, although you may not know it, you could have just been a fraction of a second too early or late with your click! Of course, the problem we have is that it’s impossible to known when is the right time to click the spin button. However, I’ve seen many slot gamers press play in some quirky ways – and who knows what may tempt fate.


So – it’s all just luck?

Ultimately, finding a hot machine and clicking at the right moment is pretty much down to good fortune – and some gamers have hit massive jackpot wins on seemingly cold machines, as well as hot ones. However, it still makes sense to follow a basic set of slot gaming tips.

  • Play with level stakes to help you even out your losses/winnings from hot and cold slots
  • Play slots for fun with a sensible weekly loss limit (money you’re happy to lose if you’re unlucky)
  • If a slot machine just won’t win – think about moving away to a fresh game
  • Play regularly to ensure you find the hot and cold slot sessions
  • Remember to spin in your own quirky way – always think positively!