Online slot machines are basically leisure games, but also there are a lot of online slots real for money, with 90% plus average returns and jackpots worth potentially thousands (even million on jackpot slots) – everyone also hope their luck is in! However, check out some of the interesting ways gamers approach slot machines.

Hot Machine Slot Gaming | Womenofafrika.orgMany slot machine players play with random stakes depending on their current budget and mood – maybe you bet big when you’re feeling lucky and vice versa? However, there is much more precise way to play slot games – ‘level stakes’. Level stakes slot gaming can be applied with minimum or maximum stakes, but the concept remains the same; your relative risk level remains constant. For example, you could decide to play slots with spins of 0.10, 0.50 or 5.00 (it’s a good idea to play with a low relative risk, such as 0.10 with a bankroll of 10.00, and 5.00 if your a serious slot gamers who has a bank of 500.00). So – what are the potential benefits of playing slot machines in this style?

  • low-risk gaming ensures you never chase losses
  • high gaming volume by playing with a low slot bankroll liability
  • chance to see how well slots really payouts
  • maximize benefits from good luck and no risk of hitting bad luck with bigger spins
  • With a litter better than average luck, level stake slot gaming has a better chance than random stakes of winning sessions

Double-up slot strategy

Some gamers want to try and beat the machines by playing strategically, and one potential way is with the double-up slot system. In essence, the strategy calls for you to set a credit value (such as 1% of your bankroll), and spin the slot game with 1 credit. If you win a payout, spin again with 1 credit. However, after a losing spin, bet with 2 credits. However, if the second spin also loses – return to 1 credit and repeat the strategy. The logic behind this slot approach is that your chances of winning after a losing spin are higher. Many gamers love this slot style, while others find less success. The answer? Give it a try with bonus cash or low level stakes to test it.

Hot machine slot gaming

Can slots really get lucky and deliver winning spin after winning spin? Well, strange as it may sound, the randomized spins are controlled by number generation software, and according to some mathematical theories of chance, there will always be periods when the number patterns quite logically hit runs that equate to a high volume of winning combinations. Although there is no way to know when the luck will hit, if a machine is hot – don’t quit until you’re sure the winning spree is over!

Compound slot wagering

If you can kind a key to grinding out regular slot winnings, then the way to join the elite slot machine players is to compound your bets. For example, play with a spin level equal to 1% of your bank would be a relatively low risk strategy:

  • 10.00 = 0.10 spins
  • 20.00 = 0.20 spins
  • 50.00 = 0.50 spins
  • 100.00 = 1.00 spins
  • 1000.00 = 10.00 spins