Sensible Slots Strategies | Womenofafrika.orgWith the festive period in full swing, nothing could be better than the ultimate gift of a jackpot slot win (now that really would stuff the turkey and fill your stocking!). Now – while the chances of winning big may need more than a little help from Santa, there is always a chance of success every time you play – and if you spin the slots with a few simple tips, you’ll maximize your chances. Read more about budgeting here Gaming The Budget. Learn how to distribute your funds, manage them during the game and have a lot of different useful tips.

First of all, it makes sense to set yourself an affordable slot budget – in essence, a bankroll that you’re happy to spend having some fun and maybe, just maybe getting really lucky. So, pick a sum of cash that you are happy to lose playing slots, without throwing the Christmas tree out of the window should you lose. Now that you have your lucky pot of slot cash to get gaming with – the fun can commence!

Maximizing your jackpot chance

Almost all the biggest and best progressive slot machines contain two key elements – multiple coin options and multi-pay lines. Now, if a machine has 1-4 coin spin options, each coin will access a progressively higher pay table, and generally trigger the activation of more pay lines.

  • 1 coin jackpot (5 pay lines) : 1000 coins
  • 2 coin jackpot (10 pay lines): 2000 coins
  • 3 coin jackpot (15 pay lines): 3000 coins
  • 4 coin jackpot (20 pay lines): 10000 coins

As you can see – gaming with the maximum coin number is crucial if you want to get the potential of winning the full jackpot coin number. In addition, gaming with more coins activates more pay lines, delivering more chances of winning with any combination of slot icons. The dilemma for slot gamers is whether to focus on coin size or coin number. In an ideal world, we’d all be able to spin with max coin number and coin size, but this will quickly drain your bankroll and leave you with few chances to win. It’s generally accepted that casual gamers should decide on a maximum spin value, then max-out the coin number, then if the budget permits – increase the coin value until the max spin amount is hit.

For example, if you max spin budget is 1.00, then a 4-coin game could be played with a coin size of 0.25.

Once your budget and spin value is in place – get spinning with level-stakes, meaning you’ll be able to play with a high volume of spins. Of course, it’s up to you exactly what wagering level you go for – you can aim for high payouts and play with 10% of your starting bankroll on each spin (highly risky), or play with 1% and get a minimum of 100 spins, even without any winning combos. Always remember that slots are a game of chance, so play them with a sensible weekly or monthly budget. If you control your slot machine gaming by playing with a small bankroll, you’ll be able to play on a regular basis, always have fun and maybe one day hit the jackpot.